Float Play

The Float Play in Texas Holdem

The float play in Texas Holdem is a type of bluff played over two streets or more.  “Floating” your opponents means calling their bets with nothing, waiting for them to show weakness, and then bluffing them off the pot at a later street.  To put … more

How to Play Against Fish at the Tables

Playing Against Fish

Poker strategy is about maximising your winnings from big hands and bluffs while minimising your losses when you’re behind.

Essentially this is what poker strategy is all about, making +EV moves etc; however one of the most important elements which is often over-looked is how to exploit weak players … more

Poker Tournament Strategy

Poker Tournament Strategy – Learn how to Hustle the Big Field MTTs

Luck boxing your way to the Full Tilt Poker $100k GTD or Sunday $50k GTD at Carbon Poker is everyone’s dream.

However, very few poker players have the natural ability and tournament brain to be able to get to … more

Buying Back Position in Poker

Buying Position in Poker

Table position is a pivotal concept in poker.  Your position can drastically change the EV or “profitability” of a hand.  There are tons of move which are more profitable when you have position on your opponent.  Semi-bluffing, floating and double-barrelling the turn for example are far more … more

Micro-Stakes Poker Strategy

Micro-Stakes Poker Strategy

The micro-stakes in cash games (or micro-limits) are considered anything between $0.01/$0.02 – $0.25/$50.  Just for reference:

Micro Stakes: $0.01/$0.02
Low stakes: $0.50/$1 up to $2/$4
Mid Stakes: $3/$6 up to $5/$10
High … more

Calculating Win Rate in Cash Games

Calculating Win-Rate in Cash Games

Your win rate in online poker is a measurement for how much profit that your making in your games.

Why is Calculating your Win Rate Important?

As you start playing online poker semi-professionally, it’ll become extremely important to keep an eye on your win rate and sessions.  … more

Range Balancing Poker

What is Range Balancing?

As you move past the $0.25/$0.50 6-max cash games, one of the topics that becomes extremely important is called “range balancing”.

Range balancing means playing different cards the same – or the same cards differently, in order to confuse your opponent and balance your “hand range.”  We know … more

5 Types of Bluff Poker

5 Types of Bluff in Texas Holdem

The key to becoming a winning online poker player is being able to read your opponents, narrow down their hand range and be able to take advantage of them when they’re weak, i.e. by bluffing.

However unlike movies and TV shows which make bluffing look … more

What is 3Betting Light

What is 3Betting Light

3Betting light is effectively 3betting with hands that are too weak to be raising for value.  When 3betting light you are raising with sub-premium/marginal hands in the hope of taking down the pot pre-flop without getting called.  It is a type of bluff that works very well … more

Importance of Position in Poker

The Importance of Position in Texas Holdem

Position in Texas Holdem is a very powerful weapon at the poker tabe. It is one of the most important and underestimated Texas Holdem strategies by new players, which when executed correctly, can be a crucial part of winning game games.

Why is position in … more

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